This page contains links to class notes and handouts for class and useful websites.  I recommend visiting it before and after each class.
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00. Download Printable Syllabus (in .docx format) 
01. Suggested Paper Topics for English 554 
02. Intro to English 454/554 
03. What is Language? 
04. English Phonetic Segments 
05. Vocal Tract 
06. IPA Chart for Inserting Symbols 
07. IPA Chart with Sounds 
08. Seeing Speech 
09. Interactive Sagittal Section 
10. Homework #1 
11. Indo-European to English 
12. Old English Chronology (corrected) 
13a. An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary (Bosworth and Toller) 
13b. Old English Texts 
14. Old English Phones and Graphemes 
15. Some Useful Old English Paradigms 
16a. Homework #2 (pdf file) 
16b. Homework #2 (docx file) 
17. Old English Case 
18. Old English Versification (Guy Carden) 
19a. Homework #3 (docx file) 
19b. Homework #3 (pdf file) 
19c. Beowulf Lines 1-42 (docx file) 
19d. Beowulf lines 1-42 (pdf file) 
19e. Beowulf lines 1-25 grammatical analysis – Slocum & Lehman.pdf 
19f. Beowulf lines 1-25 scansion – Klaeber.pdf 
19g. Beowulf #1.pdf  
20a. The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Old English) 
20b. Glossary for the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Old English) 
21a. Homework #4 (pdf file) 
21b. Homework #4 (docx file) 
22. Old English Syntax (pdf protected with the class dropbox password) 
23. An Electronic Edition of the General Prologue to Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales 
24a. Old Engish to Middle English Phonology and Orthography (docx) 
24a. Old English to Middle Engish Phonology and Orthography (pdf) 
25a. Old English to Middle English NP Structure (pdf) 
25b. Old English to Middle English NP Structure (docx) 
26a. Homework #5 (pdf) 
27b. Homework #5 (docx) 
28. Middle English Timeline 
29a. Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English 
29b. Linguistic Atlas of Late Middle English 
30. ME Poetic Form (Fulke) 
31. Prologue to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales 
32. Great English Vowel Shift 
33a. Homework #6 (pdf) 
33b. Homework #6 (docx) 
34. Phonological Changes from Old English to Middle English (as requested) 
35a. Moses and the Red Sea (docx) 
35B. Moses and the Red Sea (pdf) 
36a. Luke (docx) 
36b. Luke (pdf) 
37a. Sample In-Class Final Exam 
37b. Sample Take-Home Final Exam 
38. Oxford English Dictionary 
39. Menzer's GVS site 
40. APA/IPA Equivalents 
41. Job 1: Middle and Early Modern English 
42. Second Person Pronouns in EModE 
43. Lexical Semantic Change 
44a. Homework #7 (docx) 
44b. Homework #7 (pdf) 
45. History of English Negation 
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